Welcome to Label it Right – an initiative from Spirits New Zealand to help identify any beverage alcohol product that might not be labelled as required under New Zealand law. If you have details of a beverage alcohol product that you think is not labelled correctly you’re in the right place. And if you’d like to know what should appear on a properly labelled bottle of alcohol click here.

How does it work?

Below are a series of fields asking for information about the product you think is suspect. Every field needs to be filled in so make sure you have the necessary detail. This includes a photo of the product – preferably front and back label.

Please note that if you have details on more than one product then you will need to complete separate entries for each. We’ve tried to make this easier by giving you the option after you make your first submission to make additional entries without having to re-enter your details.

What happens when I submit my information?

The information you enter is sent to Spirits New Zealand who does an initial assessment of what you have submitted and then sends it on to the Ministry of Primary Industries (along with any other submissions received at the same time as yours). MPI will then make their own assessment and may get in contact with you if they need more information.

The information you enter is treated in the strictest confidence. Spirits New Zealand will not share any information received through Label it Right with any other party other than MPI.

The information you enter is required by the Ministry of Primary Industry ("MPI") as the Government agency responsible for alcohol labelling. Your personal details are treated in the strictest confidence. Spirits New Zealand will only share information received through Label It Right with MPI and no other party.
You need only enter your postal address if it is different from your physical address.
Enter the name and address of the importer / seller / retailer of the labelled product.
If you purchased the product enter when.

Describe the product and your concerns about its labelling.

Note, if the product has caused injury as a result of consumption please describe the injury. If you have experienced injury as a result of consumption please seek medical advice from your doctor or contact emergency health services.

Please upload photos of product / label - both front and back label photos of a bottle if applicable.